Bineta Ngom

Bineta Ngom was born in Senegal, West Africa in 1964. She grew up without her father, who died when she was a little over four years old. She was raised by her mother who taught her how to appreciate life and serve people in need even when the family was enduring hardship.

She came to America in 1994 to pursuit her dream, to give her children the opportunity she never had as a child, and to empower the global community by sharing her stories and by working with parents to raise philanthropic children which she believes are part of the solution for the problems we have in our school environments. Bineta thinks that children value what parents’ value. She never stops learning and always strive to be best role model to her children.

She decided to write her book “Becoming an Angel of Change” to share her stories with the world to inspire parents, immigrants and women to make positive change within themselves, their homes, their work places as well as their communities. “Coming to America has broadened my vision, and my life has been a learning process since the day I arrived. Establishing the foundation was a good way for me to give back to this wonderful country, America, as well as to help women and children in Senegal.” Bineta Ngom currently lives in Los Angeles with her four children.

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