Author: Bineta Ngom
isbn-13: 9781647751784 – Price $16.00
Publication Date: May 15th, 2021
Tradeback / Pages 186
Categories: Self-Help, Memoir

Becoming an Angel of Change

Life Changing Stories to Help You Discover Your Strength, Your Uniqueness, and Your Purpose

Through a collection of inspirational stories, Bineta Ngom details her journey exploring her life’s purpose, helping others in need. From her beginnings as an eight-year-old philanthropist   in   Senegal, to her adult life establishing outreach programs in the United States, readers will be inspired to discover their strength, uniqueness, and purpose in her recent memoir “Becoming an Angel of Change.”

“A gripping story of how the middle child of five from an impoverished west African neighborhood rises far above her circumstances to become the angel of change not only for herself, but for women, children, and families struggling to survive both in Africa and America. Besides being heartrending, heartwarming, and triumphant, Bineta shows us all how we, too, can develop the spiritual depth to become angels of change. A fast-paced, inspiring read!” – Donna Winters, author of the Great Lakes Romances Series®,

“Presented in three parts, ‘Becoming an Angel of Change’ is a fascinating story and one that encourages hope, positivity, and gratitude…” – Sheri Hoyte, Reader Views

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