IHSTSP Annual Manuscript Contest

I Have Something To Say Press is looking for writers who are committed to the craft and promotion of their work.

In a time where zillions of books are published through the internet, it is crucial that authors are willing to take charge of promoting themselves and their work. Without that commitment all other efforts of publishing a high-quality book and a marketing campaign will not result in sales.

Our goal is to publish a first class, top quality book, and help the winning author build their platform by providing in house marketing campaigns, as well as a marketing guide for continuing success.

Submission Guidelines

The contest is open to all indie authors, regardless of residency, provided their manuscript is written in the English language and targeted toward the North American reading audience.


Adult fiction categories include novels, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, romance, science fiction, mystery/thriller, short story collections

non-fiction categories include, memoir, self-help, Inspirational, travel and. self-help.

Children Categories: Middle Grade, Teen, and YA (chapter books and novels only; sorry no picture books).


The initial judging is done by a team of  reviewers who are avid readers and experts in their fields. They represent the author’s target reading audience.

Judging criteria is content/originality, presentation/design, innovation, social relevance, , enjoyment/impact, plot/story line, and resourcefulness and marketing value. All authors who enter the contest have their manuscript read and scored at no cost to submitter. For those who wish to receive a manuscript critique from judges there is a $35.00 fee due with submission. Manuscript critique will be produced and sent to submitter as soon the manuscript is read.

Second-line judging, and final placement determination is done through the I Have Something to Say Press editorial staff and panel, who will determine the final score on craftmanship, editing and marketability.