Author: Marjorie L. Anderson
isbn-13: 9780985430825 – Price $15.99
Publication Date: May 15th, 2021
Tradeback / Pages 100
Categories: Historical Fiction, Young Adult

La Clave

Sabias Alternativas Sobre el Manejo del Dinero Para Adolescentes

La Clave shares the author’s financial knowledge and experience to help teens get a head start in life. The book presents readers with basic financial knowledge and life changing know-how tips on how to manage money to make the most of their income to build a successful future. But Anderson does not stop there, she also teaches young people to invest in their communities by buying local products and donating to help others. La Clave is the Spanish translation of Marjorie L. Anderson’s Reader Views Award winner “The Key.”

“A teenager’s brain is hardwired to seek out immediate gratification, and a part of the adolescent journey is to learn how to think ahead. This workbook demonstrates its understanding of this developmental stage by using concrete examples, providing reflective questions to help develop a teen’s self-awareness, and encourages parent participation as a guide. The skills teens develop in this workbook can be applicable to all aspects of their lives, not just finances. ” – Nico Neak, Social worker/Children and Teen Therapist

“This is an invaluable resource for the financial preparation of our adolescents to ensure an economical, stable and successful future.” – Juliana Leal-Belloso, preschool teacher and mother of a teenager.

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